Am I Sexy?

Am I Sexy? How Do I know? Take the Am I Sexy Quiz

Everybody wants to know if they're sexy or not. Our "am I sexy quiz" will let you know once and for all.

Am I Sexy? Find out with the short, accurate Am I Sexy quiz.:

1. When do you feel the most sexy?
a)  When I'm naked.
b)  All the time.
c)  Only when the lights are off.
d)  When I wear my "special" underwear.

2. Which best describes you?
a)  I'm a curvy, tight bodied, fit woman.
b)  I'm a curvy, tight
c)  I sweat when I eat.
d)  I'm just myself, I don't care what others think.

3. How do you get somebody of the opposite sex's attention?
a)  Make eye contact.
b)  Stalk them
c)  Get up and sit on their lap.
d)  Dance in the sluttiest manner possible.

4. When people see me dancing they...
a)  Get up and join me.
b)  Throw up.
c)  Change the song to something I can't dance to.
d)  Laugh Hysterically.

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